Hire a cleaner

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Hire a cleaner. Currently the service of cleaning housekeepers is blooming all over Ho Chi Minh City.

Although not really busy, many people still choose to hire a solution to help you move 2 times a week.

Since then, the service of renting house moving was born to meet this demand.

Advantages of housekeeping service

Hire a cleaner

The house cleaner sees the guest’s house as his own

“Your equipment is quite simple, just a few towels, a few vials of detergent are stored in a lane, a mop and gloves.

Each type of stain must choose a different bottle of detergent, doing this work alone is not enough, must use a whole new trick.

Even, many women are more careful when they do not wipe the house with a regular mop but with a towel, because wiping with wool to wool in every corner, wipe thoroughly, dry faster and cleaner “: Ms. Tam said.

Above is the words of a confidant who used to use the service.

A good xinxing man

For them, the joy after working is to see the satisfaction of the landlord because the money they spend is worthy.

Like the case of “unfinished cry, unfinished laughing” of Ms. Thanh when meeting many houses to money, jewelry scattered.

She said, when she did it for the first time, she thought that they tried her but many times later came to see it, so she knew that she thought wrongly for people, even if she took something, it would take them a long time to know. However, with her, the honesty, honesty must be guaranteed, cleaning the house for guests as well as cleaning their house to be permanent.

Thinking that the job is simple, not too hard but for those who do, they have the “rule store” to “nurture” the job to be durable. For those who do house cleaning by the hour, the career guideline they put on top is honest and sincere.

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