Housekeeping service

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Housekeeping service. Housekeeping is currently the hottest service in the field of moving house today.

Thanh Hung Package House Moving Services Company will replace all your belongings, goods, furniture as well as assets from your old place to your new place on your behalf.

Staff will self-classify, pack all customer objects, then use specialized vehicles to transport all objects and goods to a new place.

Housekeeping service

The reason to choose the cleaning service of Saigon Thanh Hung

Moving house package in HCMC that we provide has been summarized over 20 years of experience.

Our customers range from students who need a small-scale hotel transfer service to luxurious villas, townhouses and apartments.

All customers who wish to move to a new home can use our relocation service.

Besides, we also provide office moving unit, warehouse moving.

Wishing to be able to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Various means of transportation

Transportation, available and diverse trucks are also a strength of Thanh Hung.

The truck fits our furniture to ensure cost, time and effort savings.

The company owns trolleys and trailers to transport things from home to car and vice versa from the car to the new house.

If utensils do not fully load the car body, it will be easy to bounce and jump. Using the car is too big for the number of items it will cost.

The car is too small for the number of items it will not contain all, it takes a few more trips.

Therefore a car with the right size will be convenient for customers.

The team of consultants is always ready to support customer inquiries when you need it.

We are committed to consulting, quote the most detailed way for customers.

In addition, the implementation time customers can actively arrange accordingly. We are always ready to bring you  the service of moving house, chuyển nhà thành hưng, moving office package .

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