How to see the date of moving by age

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Introduce to you how to see the date of moving by age.

What it means to see new moving days by age

The choice of entry date is based not only on the good and bad days but also on the age and conflict of the owner.

If you choose a good time, a good day suitable for your age to move into a new home, your family will meet with good luck, good health, bad luck, bad luck.

Therefore, it is very necessary and important to see the date of moving a new house according to age, it helps homeowners avoid the unfortunate things in life for the whole family.

How to see the date of moving by age

How to see the date when you move back to your home by age and how to choose your immigration date

According to research from the consulting team at Saigon Thanh Hung Co., Ltd., if you want to choose the best time and date, you must match the age of the owner.

You need to choose in the following 21 good days:

– Nham nhâm, Nhâm gradually, Nhất tuất, Giáp Tý, Quy ox, Quý tỵ, Quý Mao, …

– Or you should choose days like Toc Hy, Dai An and Cat Tinh star days.

– Diets pick the date of the day of Chu Tuoc, Kim Than That Sat, Hac Dao, Tam Nuong, Luc Sat.

– Keep up the bad days to prepare the procedure for entering the new home.

Steps to move into a new home

See the date of moving back to the new age according to the owner.

After choosing a good time of the day, the homeowners proceed to the procedures for entering a new home.

The owner moved the furniture into the house after announcing it to the gods.

The landlord, after choosing a good time, moved into the new house, brought the above-mentioned rituals into the house and burned firewood, matches, firewood from the outside, and then continued to do the next thing.

– Turn on all the light bulbs in the house.

– Open ports and indoor windows.

– Set the stove on.

– Then the homeowners worship the gods, the Earth and read the prayers.

After worshiping finished should turn off, tea invites the gods and the earth with the family.

Turn on the light bulb, open the gate, the main door and the windows in the house, worship to launch the gods, brothels, geodes who govern the house and area they move to.

Boil water for the purpose of cooking, informing the Apple Army, making tea to offer gods and fairies.

After praying to the gods and finishing the ceremony, the host of the ceremony held a ceremony to announce to the family.

After the above procedures, the homeowner can safely move the stuff to his new home.

If you have a need to chuyển nhà thành hưng, please contact us via Hotline: 0934449479 – 0329349479.

Homeowners Procedures Need To Prepare To Move Home

– Offering offerings to gods and earth.

– 1 full bucket of water.

– 1 kettle

– 1 cup of tea and tea set.

– A vow to enter the country.

– Fire stoves.

– Salt rice.

The above are just a few suggestions on immigration procedures.

The offering depends on the locality where the owner moves.

Stoves include types of gas stoves, gas stoves, wood stoves, and so on.

Absolutely do not use electric or magnetic cookers as these cookers do not emit heat.

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