Long distance house transfer

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Long distance house transfer. Long distance moving and the knowledge needed to know.

You are living, studying, working at your familiar place. In the near future your family needs to move to another place.

In order to facilitate travel, it does not interfere with studying, working and living.

But the living furniture of your family is quite a lot, you are wondering in choosing for yourself the most reasonable plan to move house:

Self-moving family or renting  a package transfer service  ?

Because besides the issue of costs, you are very afraid of the move process because it takes a lot of time and effort to move.

Then you will need our long-distance transfer service of Saigon Thanh Hung.

Long distance house transfer

Advice when moving long distances

Services that Saigon Thanh Hung for households when moving themselves with a long distance should pay attention to the causes of fire such as:

Should choose the most suitable means to transport furniture safely and conveniently.

– Check and pack spontaneous objects such as lighters and gas tanks, away from gas tanks, gas stoves, etc. carefully, do not drop the lighter on the floor.

– Please disassemble the gas stove and gas tank when transporting.

– Absolutely do not transport flammable substances such as gasoline, oil, alcohol …

– It is necessary to carefully wrap electronic devices with anti-friction items to avoid scratches and bumps such as sponge, cloth, mattress, foam … arrange them carefully to avoid rubbing, damaging and causing electric shock. dangerous.

– If you transport the motorbike yourself, you need to turn off the engine, get all the gasoline and wrap the car thoroughly, avoiding friction causing damage to the vehicle. Should keep the car lying to avoid falling during transportation.

– If the summer weather you move house but the sun is strong, you should cover the equipment and utensils to avoid exposure to sunlight.

Introduce to customers the service of chuyển nhà thành hưng at Saigon Thanh Hung Co., Ltd.

Long-distance house transfer service in Thanh Hung

Owning large, small, modern and intelligent trucks, Saigon Thanh Hung has been covering the inner streets of Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces in the South.

Truck rental team, the method of diverse and prestigious goods.

Vehicles with all types, weights, dimensions, regularly maintained, repaired, registered, and guaranteed quality of goods when transported. Lifting goods by cranes, forklifts, tricycles, …

The most professional staff always ensures the most economical shipping costs for you.

Goods transported with a variety of sizes, types, weights from small cargoes, combined cargoes to whole shipments, … within the limits allowed by law.

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