Price list for moving house

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Price list for moving house. Information to customers of the transfer service price list.

Below is the latest update information about  Saigon Thanh Hung’s relocation service .

In addition, we always update the preferential service to turn into a manic low-cost service for loyal customers or promotions on holidays and Tet with many incentives.

Price list for moving house

If you are in need of moving a cheap house in Ho Chi Minh City, moving a package office or renting a truck. Please contact us immediately.

Sai Gon Thanh Hung would like to send you an estimate of the price for each move.

1. Cost of widgets

Spending on widgets
Carton (60x40x35 cm) VND 18,000 / Carton
PE film covering furniture Free
Air conditioning assembly Remove: VND 50,000 + Assemble: VND 100,000
Disassemble furniture Depending on the fixtures and quantities
Loading and unloading staircase furniture Depending on the number of furniture and the floor
Drag furniture into a small alley Depending on the amount of furniture and the alley distance
Pull furniture into the apartment bunker Depending on the amount of furniture and tunnel distance

2. Truck rental rates

Range of vehicle Opening price – the first 10km From 11th to 44th km From the 45th km Waiting time
500kg car VND 250,000 13,000 VND / Km VND 12,000 / Km VND 70,000 / Hour
750kg car VND 300,000 VND 14,000 / Km 13,000 VND / Km VND 70,000 / Hour
1.5 ton vehicle VND 400,000 VND 15,000 / Km 14.000VNĐ/Km VND 100,000 / Hour
1.9 ton vehicle VND 500,000 VND 20,000 / Km 17,000 VND / Km VND 120,000 / Hour
2 ton truck (6m2 long carton) VND 700,000 VND 30,000 / Km VND 19,000 / Km VND 200,000 / Hour

3. Loading and unloading fee

Range of vehicle Loading and unloading fee 2 ends
500KG vehicle VND 200,000 / vehicle
Car 750KG VND 200,000 / vehicle
1.5 ton vehicle VND 400,000 / vehicle
1.9 ton vehicle VND 600,000 / vehicle
2 Ton Truck (6m Length) VND 800,000 / vehicle

Hopefully, the useful information we provide below will partly answer your questions about the detailed pricing of each carrier today.

Each moving company has a different price bracket.

In addition to the cheap moving service, you need to refer to the quality factor before deciding to use a firm’s service on the market.

Not really cheap is good, sometimes too cheap you can meet fraud, lost items, or they cut supplies during the transfer to lower the price.

This is like:

– No plastic wrap wrapped to scratch objects.

– Do not pack in cartons, only in sacks.

So, when you want to use the best service, please see our information chuyển nhà thành hưng.

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