Quotation of Dong Tam bricks for the latest construction May 4 2020

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Quotation of Dong Tam bricks for the latest construction May 4 2020. At each time,  the construction process of construction Báo giá gạch đồng tâm  varies, leading to a difference in supply and demand. Since then selling prices have also been affected and unstable. 

Quotation of Dong Tam bricks for the latest construction May 4 2020

The concept of construction materials?

Building materials are defined as referring to any materials used for the purpose of building up at Project sites. Iron and steel, shaped steel, steel pipe, purlin, sand, stone, cement, .. Collectively called construction materials

One of the key factors, and considered the backbone of the Project is iron and steel. in combination with steel and concrete ownership will create large concrete panels, bearing high load

So, what does construction materials include?

Iron and Steel:

The brands of cultivated iron and steel can be mentioned as: Hoa Phat Steel, Southern Steel, Vietnam Japan Steel, ….

In each steel brand divided into common patterns in it as D6, D10, D16, D20, D28 …..

Depending on the necessity and speciality of each project, you can choose ordinary or high-grade steel and iron. Priority is given to the high-class vehicle which has been affected by the environment over the years.

So the advanced iron will solve this drawback

sand, cement

Like iron and steel, sand is also divided into different sample universes. Depending on the purpose of use and depending on each item, we use the appropriate type of sand. For example, when mixing concrete, it is recommended to choose a large sand.

And when plastering, you should choose fine-grained sand to bring higher aesthetics

 Construction stone

Backfilling stones have many different uses. In which the main unit is to spread the foundation or combination with cement, and water to form a strong concrete.

In order to increase the quality of the Building, it is better to pay attention to the stone floor to eliminate unnecessary impurities

Large sized quarry stones can be used to build structures like foundations. Building dykes – embankments, building retaining walls – sloping roofs – roofs, etc.


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