See the room transfer date

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See the room transfer date. Did you know: transfer students also need to see the date?

In the current context, as a student, accommodation in rented rooms is very common, especially near universities and colleges in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City.

Students often tend not to stay in one place for too long and for many reasons, renting a room is common.

However, checking the date of a room transfer never seems to be concerned.

So, if you just change accommodation or move a room, you should see the good day and see what day for the right feng shui, let’s find the answer in the following article.

See the room transfer date

See transfer dates for students

Many students think that students need to consider the good day of moving in the era of new industrial revolution today.

The ancients had the saying “go thinly about the process” or “land with land, the river has Ha Ba”.

The more modern life becomes, the less busy people have free time.

So choosing the fastest solution can always be chosen to solve your problems.

For example, when moving, moving randomly will choose one day and then hire a package transfer service to get the job done.

In fact, Vietnamese people always have special beliefs in spirituality, feng shui, … See good and bad days even when moving into a cultural characteristic in life, helping people feel confident. .

Vietnamese people used to be very respectful of politeness, wherever they went or did anything to greet and report properly.

When moving in a homestay, or when moving to a new home, it is necessary to light incense and ask the local deity of the place we live. So when you move in or move out, everyone needs to pay attention to the day.

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Spiritual vows, ancestors when moving to a new room

The homeowners will read the vows as after coming home, the information was Saigon Thanh Hung learn from feng shui information sources:

– Male model Amitabha Buddha! (X3)

– Dear God, nine directions, ten Buddhas.

– I prostrate to the Earth Gods who govern in the area ….

– Today is the day … month … year (lunar calendar).

– I am: … (Name of the owner) resides … (address) Sincerely corrects the incense and offers it to the court, respectfully submit. Now the family has completed the project, choose a good day to move back. Please allow the gods to allow us to enter our new home … (new home address) and allow us to bring the fairy spirit spirit to this new place in order for the family to worship.

– Please, please, respect and protect our family, be healthy, do good luck, have abundant wealth and good things, and the whole family is at peace.

– We offer sincere respect before the judgment and expect the gods to maintain.

– Male model Amitabha Buddha! (X3)

– The above is useful information for viewing the date of moving home by age. Hope to help you with your new home move.

Thank you for taking the time to read this news !!!

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