The process of moving house

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The process of moving house. When you choose a service, its process is one of the things you should be concerned about.

Sai Gon Thanh Hung would like to inform you about the transfer service process:

Receive customer requests, make an appointment to the survey

–  Hotline: 0934449479 – 0329349479 ready to receive your package transfer service 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

– Customers do not need to pay for the phone because we will call you back, then advise on the service and make an appointment to conduct a field survey at your home.

The process of moving house

Surveying furniture, signing a move contract

– Staff will quickly come to your home and conduct a survey of the amount of furniture more or less, important items, fragile items, easy or difficult terrain for transportation, long or near roads …

Thanks to that will certainly quote the most accurate and the most effective plan to move house.

– The two sides will sign a contract to chuyển nhà thành hưng full package after reaching an agreement.

The contract is legal, there is a clause defining the responsibilities of Thanh Hung and the rights of customers, clearly stating service costs and property compensation terms.

Packing, shipping furniture

– Customers are provided free of charge cartons, plastic bags, duct tape, film wrap, furniture lining … and not included in the cost of moving house.

– All customer properties and belongings will be removed, wrapped and packed carefully.

– Staff during dismantling, wrapping, transportation work carefully, with careers to ensure the safest furniture.

– Furniture will be classified, noted carefully.

– Important and fragile items are packed separately to ensure safety and transport with trucks of appropriate weight to minimize damage and breakdown.

Shipping furniture

– Drive the truck fluently, firmly steering, experienced, move furniture to the right place, quickly and ensure the safest.

– We calculate the shortest distance, the least traffic to help customers save time and costs.

Acceptance and liquidation of the contract

– At the end of the relocation process, the customer accepts the result to liquidate the contract.

– If any of the furniture is lost, damaged, broken, we are responsible for compensating 100% of the property value at the market price at the same time.

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